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Julie Gallagher

BOHI Faculty 

BOHI Certified Nondual Counselor  2015

Facilitator of the Work of Byron Kate since 2008

Ordained Minister in Alliance of Divine Love since 1999

Certified Crystal Healer since 1997

Reiki Master-Teacher since 1995

Squirrel Whisperer since 1998



I am a lover of little squirrels and a lover of what is.  I have practiced Hawaiian massage, Usui Reiki and crystal healing for many years.  In '99 I was ordained into the Alliance of Divine Love because I wanted to help

alleviate the suffering on our planet.  Then in '06 I went to Southern India for a month long retreat.  There I received an initiation and experienced an awakening.  When I returned home I watched the falling away of old patterns and identities.  Not long after that, I discovered the miraculous Work of Byron Katie and found out that we only suffer when we argue with reality.  I fell in love with this process of inquiry as I watched my problems dissolve.  A year later I discovered the epitome teachings of Dzogchen via Candice O'Denver.  The direct transmission of the teachings combined with the practice of taking short moments resulted in even more clarity.  In 2014, I met my Self in the silence of a guided meditation with Sri Mooji in Portugal.  Now, as a Graduate of the Brain Optimization Institute,  I can help you quickly and effectively awaken and live from your Truth.  Ahhhh.... it's so simple.  Nothing to do but share the Truth,  feed and care for little squirrels and enjoy what is!   

New Paradigm Counseling Blog

I created this blog with the intention of sharing the simplicity of the tools I use in my counseling practice. Peruse the posts and see if you resonate with this nondual

approach to counseling. You are invited to visit my blog and become a member: 



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New Paradigm Counseling

In my counseling sessions, I combine several powerful

tools for awakening:  Self-inquiry, Resting/Noticing what is,  and Reiki.  Each one of these tools can elicit huge shifts in consciousness...  so imagine what can happen when all three are combined!  Once awakening is cognized, pointers are shared to fully anchor in the realization and establish clarity.   The only requirement for making an appointment is to be

willing to look within with an open mind! 


Being in your presence and doing  "the work" was transformational!  Thank you so much for opening your heart and home.  I loved ending with the Blessing.  In gratitude for the enlightening experience...



Sometimes situations simply require an unusual individual with not only a unique set of skills... but also possessing the compassion and dedication

to the healing arts to bring it

all together.  Julie's assistance and abilities in the healing arts made all the difference.  From even her phone sessions, I received awareness of things that I simply would never have imagined or considered, that brought about the perfect shift at the perfect time and am forever grateful for how profoundly her dedication to her art has changed my life.  


Pat. A   





Julie has helped me cut through the cluttered chaos of my mind with her astute grasp of mindfulness.  She has enabled me to quickly reach a state of clarity and understanding with her wisdom many a time. Julie is wonderful! 


J. H. 


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