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  The Search
So you are searching for LOVE? ... for HAPPINESS? ... for PEACE?
Have you ever considered that perhaps you already ARE what you 
are what you are looking for?   You ask, "How is this possible?"
    Let me take you on a journey...   a very short trip to YOU!
                      YOU WILL BE SO PLEASED!!!
 Who are you?
Have you ever just sat quietly without
having any thoughts?  Just sitting in
silence,  peacefully,  letting everything
be as it is?
Then, did you just notice perhaps,
that there is NO YOU?   No solid person....  just AWARENESS!!




I would so love to guide

you to this most awesome

awakening...  It's all so simple!  I promise.

Suffering Is Optional
My dear friend Katie always says,
"I'm not spiritual, I just know the
difference between what hurts and
what doesn't hurt."
Most people don't know that they
don't HAVE to suffer. This is great
news! Come with me... let me
share this amazing Truth with you!
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"Julie has been incredibly helpful to me in sorting out my life and getting to the root of my problems very quickly.  She made me re-think everything which has changed my life for the better.  I feel so comfortable talking with her, as if I've known her for a long time.  she always makes me feel so much better. I'm so grateful I found her!  I highly recommend her services."


Ann K. 

You have not lost it-Papaji quote.jpg

Julie has counseled me many times on the phone and in person. She is very gifted and talented, as experienced in her Reiki and blessings.  Not only does she treat humans, she is known to heal our four-legged friends.  She is an angel on earth


Joy B.

She was very welcoming and I felt her passion in her field throughout the session. I can tell that she truly cares about her clients.  I was able to find myself again and know how to view things in life in only one meeting.  I would highly recommend her.


Mika C.

Love Life

This is all about slowing down and just noticing!

Rev. Julie cut through all the stories.  And she got to the maladaptive beliefs by asking the right questions.  I discovered things about myself that I had been hiding and affected my relationships with others.  All this in one session!  I now know how to work on my blind spots. I let go of the unnecessary anxious energy faster and easier.


Angie I. 



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