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Q.   How can self-inquiry help my issue with my relationship?


A.   When a client wants to effect change in a relationship, I have them write down their painful thoughts about that person. Then I select the concepts they are believing and ask specific questions. This reveals the reality of the situation, rather than just the client's perception. When the client finds out that what he was believing is not true, the emotional charge completely dissolves.  There is relief, laughter, and the feeling of a great

burden being lifted.

Q.  Can your method work for issues that just involve myself?  For example I am battling cancer and would like some relief from the anxiety I feel.


A.  In this case, I would treat your relationship with cancer.  In questioning your beliefs about what having cancer means to you, your core issues are brought to light.  This provides the chance to examine these beliefs and find out if they are worth keeping.  Once you discover the gift of cancer, the resistance to having a certain outcome falls away,  and then healing can begin to flow easily. 

Q.   How does your method work for someone who is very depressed and suicidal?


A.  Depression is a result of an internal story that keeps playing out in one's mind. With this type of counseling, we isolate the thoughts that fuel the story and put them on paper.   Then we investigate with a series of questions to discover what is true.  What happens in this process is that the client comes to realize that who they are is NOT having any issue.  That in fact, they have made their story "real" and have scared themselves with it.   And truly, they discover that they ARE what they were looking for:  Peace.... but only always!

Q. I have experienced a powerful awakening and then months later it seems to have disappeared and I don't know how to get it back.  Can you help with this?


A. Absolutely. First, know that you have not lost anything.  All that is required is a little clear seeing.  Once awakening happens, there is a lifetime of embodying the Truth.  My pointing sessions will re-clarify your innate wisdom.   Grace is here now! 

Julie is the best counselor I've been to and she was able to do it on chat. She got to the root of the problem immediately and I would highly recommend her.                                                                                      ~ A.K.

We did out consultation by chat.  We covered diverse issues ranging from my brain injury to my son.  It highlighted what I was doing to make myself anxious.  She also offers follow-up support in the form of reading materials and links, as well as availability to herself. As Julie has stated, the Universe is a friendly place.  And I agree.  



I'm so grateful for you in my life.  Yesterday I was feeling such despair, I felt like taking an overdose of pills.  I know this isn't the answer but it sometimes feels like the only solution to stop the pain about everything in the world: environmental disasters, the killing of animals, the government, the climate changing to the melting point. It's like I don't want to live on this earth this way anymore.  I can't take being an empath.  I'm sure you can relate.      But talking with you I can see a way out.  So I wanted to express my gratitude to you for your insights that are so powerful and helpful!  I love you more than words can say."


                                                      ~ M.G.

Julie is a real gem. She is able to lovingly, and with great compassion, see where I am stuck and gently pull me toward the Truth of my being.  The sessions are filled with joyous discovery and result in lasting resolution to age-old misconceptions and misidentifications.  Even my chronic irritable bowel symptoms have cleared!  I feel so much lighter, yet grounded.   I am free.  Thank you, dear Julie!

                                                      ~ L.O.

Q.   I am on a fixed income and would have a hard time affording your services. Do you have any suggestions on how I can still participate?


A.   No problem.  I have a sliding scale of payment so that no one gets turned away.  Please do email me for a free phone consult and take a step toward a happier and more peaceful life!  

Julie is a very compassionate and understanding counselor.  She has helped me with my current anxiety and fears while facilitating "The Work" with me.  Each day I remind myself, I am love and peace!

Thank you Julie.

                                                     ~ S.N.



Q.  I am deaf and can't use the telephone.  Would it be possible to still get a session?


A.  Absolutely.  The easiest way is through a Facebook Chat message. And if you're not on Facebook, there is also a chat message feature on Gmail.   I am available to anyone who really wants to end their suffering!  Just send in the contact form.... and we'll find a way!

Q.  What can I do to help my partner who has addiction issues?


A.  Every person in your life is a mirror of you.  When you make a shift in consciousness, the people around you will either shift,  move away from you, or you will find yourself moving away from them.  In discovering the truth about yourself,  all the pieces magically fall into place.  That is the Grace that comes when you are willing to open to the Truth within.  Your transformation sends positive ripples out into the world...  come and find out firsthand!


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