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What is the purpose of Self-Inquiry in Counseling?


Self-Inquiry is a simple process that has been used for thousands of years in Eastern cultures to help people find their true selves.  All problems in life, be it relationship issues, career issues, emotional issues, to name a few, can be solved by discovering one's true identity.  


In this type of counseling, the client is facilitated with specific questions that will allow him/her to discover his/her true essence.  It is a way to actually discover that

there are no problems... just concepts that no longer serve.  This

method is all about empowering the individual to be their true self

and in this realization, there is no longer a "problem".  The issue

becomes an opportunity to open one's heart to a new perception:  

the perception that it is indeed a friendly universe.

What's so beautiful about this method, is that it can even be done on the phone, or on the internet via a Chatbox.  There is no reason to put off ending your suffering.  You can be free today from the burdens that are weighing you down!  

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