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Grace can be described as an experience of love or bliss that results from a glimpse of Divinity.  It cannot be forced, but will be felt whenever anyone with an open heart surrenders to Love.    

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Believe it or not, Grace is operating all the time.   We simply close ourselves off to Grace when we believe we are in control of things.  In the sessions, clarity starts to dawn.  Little by little, we begin to see that there is no 'doer'.   WOW.  You are not "doing" life... but rather you are "being done".  And that realization takes a huge burden off your shoulders.  Finally, there is relief! 

Reiki healing sessions are recommended between counseling sessions for a deep relaxing into the Grace that is always there.  Julie is a Reiki Master-Teacher who has been comforting people with Reiki since 1993.  Reiki is like a soothing balm that helps dissolve old conditioning.  Clients report that the Reiki session feels like a deep meditation from which there is a great sense of release and rejuvenation.   So powerful!


Usui Reiki is the traditional Japanese Reiki passed down thru a lineage of enlightened masters.  Unlike other modalities, Reiki is an ancient practice that facilitates awakening.  You are invited to visit our blog:


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