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To "rest" is analogous with "allowing".  In our Western culture,

we learn to react so quickly to stimulus, that we never really

learn that there is another way to be.  Meditation techniques

have helped to slow us down a little, but there is another tool 

that is very simple, and doesn't require setting any time aside.  


This second tool I share with the client is the practice of taking a moment to just STOP THINKING.  It is deceptively simple in that you don't think it can achieve any lasting results.  However, when applied on a daily basis, it can completely change the way one perceives the world.  Instead of being locked into specific points of view,

the client is encouraged to detach from them and to just "allow" whatever

experience is presenting itself.  In time, the client begins to identify with

the space that includes all the views.  This space is the Self. And this

recognition is the beginning of a peaceful life.

When this simple tool is practiced regularly, then one comes to trust in the workings of the Universe.  We come to see that things don't happen TO us, but rather everything happens FOR us...   that even the most unpleasant situations happen for our awakening!    We come to find out that we are not the "doers", but in fact we are being "done".   We find out that we are not living life...   we ARE life!  


>>   Just Rest

>>   Stop Thinking

>>   Allow What Is

>>   Recognize the Self

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